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Serving the Needy by Battling Hopelessness, Hunger and Strife

Our Mission

To improve the health and wellbeing of disenfranchised local communities through the provision of quality essential drugs and the participatory promotion of reproductive health services through training, capacity building and equipment support.

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20 Falstaff Avenue, Suite 1804
Toronto, ON M6L 2C8

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Little Hands Global Foundation
Little Hands Global Foundation
Little Hands Global Foundation
Little Hands Global Foundation

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Little Hands Global Foundation

Little Hands Global Foundation (LHGF) is a nonprofit health and humanitarian aid organization dedicated to preventing disease, improving community health, and promoting sustainable development worldwide. Our programs help end global poverty by providing access to clean water, fighting HIV/AIDS in underprivileged communities, providing disaster relief, combating world hunger, and promoting women’s empowerment and gender equality.

LHGF is also a community-centered international development organization helping children and families of all faiths, religions and ethnic backgrounds. Through the efficient use of supporter dollars, our goal is to break the cycle of extreme poverty and replace it with a cycle of self-reliance. Your sponsorship, planned gift or corporate gift will help to provide nutritious food, medical care, clean water and education to those who need it the most.

               FREE SERVICES TO OUR COMMUNITY (Pro Bono Services)

  • We helps our community members establish or re-establish their credit even if they had credit difficulties in the past or if they have no credit history through our Visa Referral Program. It’s an excellent opportunity for students, new comers to Canada and past bankrupts.
  • Little Hands Global Foundation files taxes for seniors, new comers into Canada, Single mums, refugees, all those who depends on social services and veterans.
  • We assist new comers in Canada in their resettlement process, job search, teach them on how to open a bank account and also educate them on the value of the Canadian credit system.
  • We educate new comers in Canada about crime, how to avoid it and also the impact of having a criminal record in Canada.
  • In order to keep our youth away from crime during summer,we organize soccer camps and friendship tournaments to keep them busy.
  • We fight the spread of HIV/AIDS pandemic and other STD’s within our communities through public education.
  • We teach the youth the importance of volunteering and community work as well as why they should always devote their to community services.
  • Little Hands Global Foundation will in the future operate a job search center which will be open to the public. Our staff will assist the public in the following areas; resume writing, job and apartment search.
  • We provide free English to French translation services
  • We also assist seniors in; shopping, remind them of their appointments, and run other errands for them.